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What are your trial classes?

We offer free trial classes to new students that may be unsure of which style of dance is right for them. Students can take a totally free class of their choosing, trying out age- and level-appropriate classes until we find the right class for them.

If you're interested in taking a trial class, please click here and give us some info so we can get in contact and work together to figure out which class is best for your student to try.


What is the dress code?

No jeans

No jewelry that is loose/dangling/distracting

Hair should be pulled back and well secured out of the face.

Teachers must be able to see the dancer's body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.


Leotard, ballet tights, & pink ballet shoes; short dance skirts are permitted

Our ballet levels wear color-coded leotards in correspondence with their class levels

  • Sprouts: Pink

  • Poppies: Lilac

  • Tiger Lilies: Baby Blue

  • Tulips: Teal

  • Daisies: Navy Blue

  • Roses: Black


  • Well-fitting top or leotard; dance shorts or leggings

  • Tan slip-on jazz shoes

Hip Hop:

  • T-shirt; sweatpants, shorts, or leggings

  • Sneakers; no open toed shoes, please!


  • Well-fitting top or leotard; dance shorts or leggings

  • Leather half sole lyrical shoes


  • Well-fitting top; dance shorts, leggings, or joggers

  • Black tap shoes

When does your lobby open?

Our lobby opens at 3:45pm.

When can I come visit the studio?

We are in the studio Mondays-Thursdays from 3:45pm to 7pm. Feel free to come by during those times or call us to schedule another time to come visit!

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